Designer homeware and lifestyle products capturing the spirit of Cornwall. Our scrumptious range of homeware items are designed and made in the wilds of Cornwall.

Hello, I'm Tegen.


Oscar, my mischievous pup, and I have a dream. Our dream is to run a small business designing and making beautiful homeware. We want to do just that, and not in any old place, but in our favourite place in the whole world, Cornwall - or home as we call it.


Actually, Oscar's dream probably isn't designing or making anything other than a bit of a mess on his daily small-doggie adventures, but he sure does love it here in Cornwall where he can run around and play in the fields surrounding the little cottage where we live, or chase the odd seagull on a walk along one of the many lovely sandy beaches.


We've been hard at work designing and making our first range of Cornwall-inspired, hand-woven, all natural cushions and are really delighted with the finished results. Each cushion takes around five hours to make and is a real labour of love. The fabric is woven by hand from all natural cotton & wool on a rigid heddle loom, then lined and sewn carefully together with a scrumptiously thick natural linen cloth and finished with a massive feather filled cushion pad to make it extra squishy.


Everything we design & make is of the highest quality and though that means we might have to spend a bit more money on getting the very best material, or that some of our products take a reeeeally long time for us to make by hand (or by paw), we wouldn't have it any other way.



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